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AgReFed Crop Modelling and Management

This AgReFed Project is contributed by the University of Southern Queensland.

Project summary

Agricultural researchers would want to know how crops perform on a farm given that they are provided climate data and soil data at scales (temporal and spatial) for the farm. They then can effectively make management decisions to achieve production goals. We aim to provide a production package integrating crop models with data harvester and soil datacube, helping users achieve such tasks. We also guide applications by developing several user cases.

Ideal Experience

With the availability of agricultural data including weather and climate data, soil data, and remote sensing data, agricultural researchers can evaluate and validate crop production in a farm by using agricultural production system simulations. Users of the AgReFed platform will be able to work with a production system simulation of their choice, allowing them to integrate with the data harvester and the soil datacube in the AgReFed environment. The integration will provide a unique capability of the AgReFed platform in crop modelling and simulations - a powerful tool for agricultural research. Users will be guided on how to put crop modelling and simulations into decision making frameworks, informing agricultural management decisions.


Agrefed - A platform transforming agricultural research by modelling and data analytics on cloud


Project Implementation

Project Plan

In this work package, we will make an agricultural production simulation system available in the AgReFed environment and integrate it with the data harvester and the soil datacube and its inputs. Outputs from the simulation will be used in informing agricultural management decisions on farms.


  • Agricultural production simulation system is available in the AgReFed platform

  • Integrated crop modelling on farm in the AgReFed environment

  • User case 1 notebook

  • User case 2 notebook

  • User case 3 notebook


Source Code

The Crop Modeling Notebooks are available as open source in Github.