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AgReFed adopts an innovative, reusable networked governance model that enables a federated community of distributed Data Provider Communities to work together for the sustained provision of FAIR research data.

AgReFed Federation Council

The AgReFed Federation Council is responsible for the overall strategic direction, governance, management, and business operations of AgReFed and supports Data Provider Communities in making their agricultural data FAIR.

Members of the AgReFed Federation Council are drawn from Data Provider Communities that contribute resources towards the collective vision of AgReFed and rotating representation is encouraged.

The AgReFed Federation Council provides guidance and direction to AgReFed affiliated projects and exercises decision rights for projects endorsed as AgReFed Projects.

AgReFed Technical Committee

The AgReFed Technical Committee is a standing committee operating under the AgReFed Federation Council and is responsible for providing technical direction and recommendations to the AgReFed Federation Council covering the technical domains of AgReFed operation.

Members of the AgReFed Technical Committee are drawn from Data Provider Communities and actively bring them into the operation and technical decision making of AgReFed.

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