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Agricultural datasets

A selection of available Australian agricultural datasets.

AgReFed datasets

Soil, soil moisture, crop yield and frost trials datasets contributed to AgReFed by various partners. Data is available and viewable via a map interface.



A selection of agricultural and related datasets

Name Publisher Description
Online Farm Trials Grains Research & Development Corporation OFT provides open and free access to on-farm, or field based, cropping research trial data and information
MLA Statistics Meat & Livestock Australia Various downloadable statistics related to the livestock industries in Australia
Earth Engine Data Catalog Google Climate and weather, satellite imagery and geophysical data
Soil and Lansdscape Grid of Australia TERN The datasets listed comprise the TERN Landscapes Cloud Optimised Geotiff Datastore (COGs)
SILO - Australian climate data from 1889 to yesterday Queensland Government Time-series, gridded rasters covering Australia, periodically updated
DEA data and products Digital Earth Australia Land cover, water observations, IR hotspots, spectral data and other map data
Climate Data Online Bureau of Meteorology Daily and monthly statistics, historical weather observations, rainfall, temperature and solar exposure data
Maps of recent, past and average conditions Bureau of Meteorology High resolution maps and data, ranging from the most recent day, back to 1900 for rainfall and 1910 for temperature


Useful Data catalogues

A list of public data catalogues that can be searched for agricultural datasets. This list is not exhaustive, but is meant to provide a starting point when looking for agricultural and related data. Each online portal offers facilities for searching and filtering by topic or keywords to discover datasets. 

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