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AgReFed projects enhance the impact of AgReFed, encourage broader participation in the federated community and share the common vision.

Agricultural Research Data Cloud

The Agricultural Research Data Cloud project established the core technical infrastructure, developed the AgReFed portal to federate and present datasets in a single point of access, delivered initial exemplar FAIR agricultural datasets, and developed a proposed governance and data stewardship framework.

AgReFed Data Stewardship Framework Enactment

The AgReFed Data Stewardship Framework Enactment project brought AgReFed into existence, built the community of agricultural research data providers and users, and implemented and tested the governance and stewardship model by which the community acts.

AgReFed Platform

The AgReFed Platform project supports the next level of technology developments for AgReFed and will transform field-based agricultural research by improving the discoverability of trusted, reusable, and analysis-ready agricultural research data across Australia to support collaboration and novel insights in research, development, and policy.

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