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AgReFed metadata requirements

The dataset or other digital resource should be comprehensively described by a metadata record in a format that is machine readable.

Why metadata?

A public metadata record facilitates and supports resource discovery, identification, the organsisation of resources, and the interoperability of the resource(s) it represents, as well as the interoperability of the metadata itself.

Each metadata record should meet or exceed the AgReFed minimum requirements. 

AgReFed metadata requirements

Information Type Meaning
Metadata publisher The organisation that is contributing the metadata record
Identifier A unique identifier for the resource, i.e. DOI
Metadata source The primary/authoritative source of truth for the metadata record, as represented by a URI. 
Collection Type The type of collection being described, i.e. collection, dataset, software, etc
Title The name or title of the collection, should be descriptive and unique, avoid acronyms.
Parties A related person or organisation linked to the collection (include ORCID if possible) e.g. creator, owner, manager.
Location Online location (DOI, Handle or URL) of the metadata record OR to download the resource
Related Service Include a link to the AgReFed portal RDA record or to other Services.
Citation The preferred form for citing a collection to enable data to be referenced.
Access Rights Collection access conditions. Specify one of: open, conditional or restricted.
Licence License conditions associated with the collection; a standard licence, e.g. creative commons is preferred.
Description A summary description of the collection. Provide sufficient information to enable a user to assess suitability of the data for reuse for their purpose.
Subject Keywords or terms to describe the topic of the resource. Include at least one ANZSRC-FOR code. Additionally, AGROVOC terms should be used.
Spatial coverage
(if applicable)
The geometry for the location the resource relates to.
Temporal coverage
(if applicable)
The time period the resource relates to, in W3C Date/Time Format.
Related information
(if applicable)
Related resources such as publications (via DOIs), websites (via URLs), funding info, etc
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