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Participation model

AgReFed supports collaboration and innovation in agricultural research and recognises the diversity of agricultural data for research.

Guiding principles

AgReFed membership is voluntary and open to all agricultural data provider communities willing to contribute resources towards the collective vision and accept the responsibilities of membership.

AgReFed is a democratic organisation where members of the AgReFed Federation Council control the direction and decisions of AgReFed and steer the strategic direction.

AgReFed members are encouraged to actively participate in the AgReFed Technical Council and contribute to technical decisions and the ongoing efforts to improve data holdings.

AgReFed only has purview over the alignment of shared resources and recognises the independence of its members and supports their right to autonomy over their organisation and operation.

AgReFed is inspired by the cooperative principles of public good and a concern for the community and expects members to share the desire to further these public good outcomes.

AgReFed expect research to be conducted responsibly, ethically and with integrity as outlined in The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.


Potential Data Provider Communities must write to the AgReFed Federation Council requesting to join AgReFed and demonstrate that they meet the criteria for membership.

The AgReFed Federation Council votes on membership applications and requires successful applicants to nominate a representative for the AgReFed Federation Council and AgReFed Technical Committee.

If digital assets are being contributed, the process of alignment with agreed AgReFed levels of FAIR-ness and repository confidence will commence.

The AgReFed Technical Committee will assess the alignment of tooling, infrastructure or other resources being contributed with agreed AgReFed levels of FAIR-ness and repository confidence.

Membership of AgReFed will be confirmed once the required roles are fulfilled and the digital asset, tooling, infrastructure, or other resources are available.

Data Provider Communities are expected to continue making published digital assets discoverable and appropriately accessible through AgReFed and to contribute to the shared vision.

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