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AgReFed Jupyter container

The AgReFed Jupyter container is available to search and discover agricultural datasets, including big data such as climate and satellite imagery.

What is the AgReFed Jupyter container?

This containerised Jupyter notebook container runs on the Nectar National Jupyter Notebook Service, which is part of the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud.


What can it do?

This container provides ability to search and discover distributed agricultural and related datasets including big-data (climate, satellite imagery) and cross-sector data resources via Jupyter notebooks. It provides an environment that contains pre-loaded libraries for spatial analysis and visualisation and provides a compute environment that enables the use of large datasets.

How do I get started using the container?

If you have a university email, you can log into the Nectar National Jupyter Service.

When logged in, you have the option to select the AgReFed container and start a new instance of the container.

When loaded, you will have access to Jupyter notebooks within the AgReFed container.

Here you have the choice of running the AgReFed Geodata Harvester, importing your own notebook files or creating new files to load, analyse or visualise datasets or perform calculations.

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