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CSIRO Nat Soils
CSIRO - National Soil Site Database (NatSoil)

Contains descriptions of approximately 16,000 soil site investigations. The data includes morphological descriptions and chemical and mineralogical properties.

CCMA soil monitoring image
FedUni - Corangamite Soil Health Monitoring Program

A set of 100 soil health monitoring sites from across the Corangamite CMA region of Victoria. Data includes pH, EC, nutrients (P,K,N,S), trace elements and Carbon fractions

SFS Soil Moisture Probes
FedUni - SFS Soil Moisture Probe Network

A network of ~75 telemetered soil moisture probes across Victoria and Tasmania. Data typically includes soil moisture and soil temperature readings at depths 300-1000mm

Waite Field Trials
University of Adelaide - Waite Field Trials

The dataset brings together yield information from rotational crop trials together with weather and soil information covering multiple decades. It includes data from 9 parameters

UWA DPIRD Frost Trials
University of Western Australia - UWA/DPIRD Frost Nursery Trial 2018

Data from UWA/DPIRD Frost Nursery Trial 2018 including weather data, phenology data, UAV multispectral imaging (NVDI), ~90 protein and ~90 metabolite abundances

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University of New England - SMART Farm data

UNE Smart Farm Weather Station and Soil Moisture Network - Coming soon!


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