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AgReFed Platform

The AgReFed Platform supports collaboration and novel insights in research through improving the discoverability of trusted, reusable, and analysis-ready agricultural research data across Australia.

Data discovery

Enabling data discovery

Search and discover agricultural and related datasets including big-data (climate, satellite imagery) and cross-sector data resources.

AgReFed Jupyter container
Explore the data ecosystem

Data analysis tools

Tools such as R and Python/Jupyter notebooks for the discovery and use of agricultural datasets.

AgReFed Geodata-Harvester
FAIR assessment

FAIR assessment

Tools and information to help researchers test the FAIRness of datasets and other digital resources.

Run assessment
Training and help

Training and help

Resources, software tools and materials to facilitate search, discovery and use of datasets from a variety of sources.

Training Materials
Dataset publishing

Dataset publishing tools

How to describe and store data in ways that make them more findable, assessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).

Data publishing help


The ability to create and share workflows and models.


Who should use the platform?

The AgReFed Platform helps agricultural researchers who...

  • need to find agricultural datasets
  • need to model, visualise, analyse or map data
  • require help in describing, storing my dataset/s
  • want to improve the FAIRness of research data (and other digital objects)


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